Department of H.S.C. Vocational

The state is entirely concerned with the growth and development of the students . The state is projected or impressed through its urban rural students , therefore to make a thoroughly study of this subject and develop skill based education approach, Similarly to develop the vocational knowledge are the major aims and objectives of this subject.

The department provides facility for higher education and self employment. We provide quality education offering skill based programme. To achieve these aim Short term Courses Domestic appliances, Assistance using Tally, Tally, Water filter repair and maintenance Field technician computing and peripherals. Which motivate the student for self-employment. The department courses 1. Electrical Technology 2. Banking finance and Insurance 3. Marketing and retail management includes the value based education and entrepreneurial skills among the students. The department organizes State level workshop in Digital literacy faculty lecturer , Filed Visit and study tours to various place related to subject interest in the student. The department provides opportunities for professional and personal development through campus Drive, Seminar, curricular and co-curricular activities.

The department has well equipped workshop with different types of chart and other practical related instruments. Envisaging the significance of higher education as a means of individuals and Self-employment progress, the visionaries of our area accorded servious thoughts to the establishment of the college. As a result, D.V.S.P college(Bifocal) was established in 1989, and converted in to HSC Vocational in 1994 fulfilling the dream of Late Bapuraoji Butle,Late Narayanrao Bhat and Late Bapusaheb Patil to provide higher education to the rural and down-trodden students of this backward area. Later it has been renamed Bapuraoji Butle Arts, Narayanrao Bhat Commerce and Bapusaheb Patil Science,College Digras.

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