Department of Library

Library Rules

Whereas it is expedient the rules in respect of smoothness in running the library activities for extending effective library services to the needy users. The advisory committee is hereby pleased to make the following rules:

Theses rules shall come in to force w. e. f. the date of its approval by the library advisory committee.

  1. All students must make use of the library facility to enrich their academic excellence.

  2. Students are allowed to the library only on production of their authorized college ID cards.

  3. No personal belongings and textbook allowed inside the library.

  4. Enter your name and sign in the entrance register kept at the entrance while using the library.

  5. Strict silence to be maintained and no group study allowed inside the library.

  6. Using mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library premises.

  7. Books should be handled with care. Marking on the books, tearing papers etc are most objectionable and may lead to initiation of stringent disciplinary action on the member.

  8. Issuance of library books is limited to two books for PG students and one book for UG students.

  9. Return of books are mandatory before the due date mentioned in the due date slip attached to the book. A fine of Rs. 1/- per day will be charged for overdue books.

  10. Borrowed books are non-transferable and a borrower shall remain responsible for material issued to him/her until it is returned.

  11. Reference books, journals and magazines are only for consultation within the library and are not to be taken out of the library premises.

  12. The librarian may recall any book from any member at any time and the member shall return the same immediately.

  13. Users should obey the library rules and regulations. Violation of rules and any act of misbehavior to the library staff will lead to strong disciplinary action.

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