M.A.( Marathi)

Rules & Regulation -

Important Notice

1) Attendance
It is compulsory for the students to attend every period and practical. 75% attendance is essential for the periods of NCC, NSS and physical education. Names of absent or irregular students will be displayed on notice board and their parents will be informed by letters. parents are requested to take the information of attendance and progress of their ward by visiting to the principal.
2) College Examination, Assignment, Seminar, Educational Tour etc
Diagnostic Test of the students of B.A.I, B.Com.I and B.Sc. will be held in the month of July. It is compulsory for the students to attend all the unit test and terminal examinations of the college. Students must take part in Educational Tour. Absents students will be fined and they will not be given the marks of internal assessment.
4) Identity Card -
Students will not be allowed to attend the class or to move in the college campus without identity card.
General Rules
1) Last date of admission form will be displayed on the notice board.
2) Students selected for the admission should confirm their admission by paying fees within given date otherwise their admission will be canceled.
3) If admission of any student is canceled due to any reason, he has to pay the fees according to the rule and paid fees will not be returned.
4) Any original documents will not be returned unless the full fees is paid.
5) Students who left the college and wished to received deposit amount he must apply before October 1st.
6) Students seeking new admission must take the enrollment from SGB Amravati University official application forms will be provided from the college. Fine of Rs.50/-, of the university, will have tobe paid if the enrollment form is not submitted within given date.
Rules Relevant to the Studentsí Discipline
Every student of the college must be kept in discipline the following rules are made by the college for the purpose -
1) Every student must follow the instructions and orders issued by the principal.
2) Actions, according to the rules, will be taken against the students for their internal or external misbehavior and violating disciplines deliberately.
3) Every student should behave respectfully with the professors and administrative employees. They should behave gently with girls. Any sort of misbehavior, disobedience or use of unfair words against girls will be punished according to the rules. Discipline committee is setup for the purpose.
4) Students should use books of library, furniture of the class, fans, light and equipments of laboratories very carefully. Students damaging the college property will be charged individually or collectively or the price of that object will be compensated.
5) Important notices will be read in the class. Other notices will be flashed in the notice board. Students should read the notice board every day.
6) When there is no class or period students should read something in the reading room of the library instead of wandering in veranda, ground or else where.
7) Smoking, chewing ghutka, use of drugs and ragging in the college cam pus is strictly prohibited according to rules. Violation of the rules will be punished accordingly.
8) Students of the college are strictly prohibited to bring mobile in the campus. If mobile is found with the students it will be seized.
Special Important Instructions
1) Prospectus must be read carefully for proper and correct information.
2) Students cannot organize any meeting or any union without the prior permission of Principal.
3) Students cannot organize any kind of programme outside the college on name of the college without permission of Principal.
4) If there is any change in address given in the identity card, student must inform to college immediately.
5) Proper use of the college infrastructure, facilities and time should be done by students.
6) Prospectus provided by Education Board or University must be tackled by students as their own responsibility.
7) Admission, administration, rules of discipline and special instruction are mentioned in the prospectus and are binding to the students. The principal will have all the rights to take the final decision.
Rules of The College Library
The college library is enriched with numbers of course books, reference books, encyclopedias periodicals and magazines. Spacious reading room and expert employees are available at service. Special facility is made for studious students
1) Students must keep college identity card while exchanging books and in the reading room.
2) Students should make the B.T. Card after admission in college.
3) Eight days are given to the students to read each book. If the book is not returned within given time Rs. One(01/-) will be fined per day.
4) If a book is damaged or lost, students have to bring a new copy of the same book or to pay two times more price of the original prize.
5) While taking a book, students have to check book carefully. If some objectionable is found in the book, it should be brought to the notice of library staff and signature should be taken there.
6) If B.T. Card or the book is found at anybody else, students B.T. Cards will be seized.
7) Syllabus or paper sets will not be issued without identity card.
8) If syllabus or paper sets are taken out of the library, Rs.50 per day will be fined and B.T. Card will be seized.
9) Mobile should not be used in Library or around the library otherwise mobile will be seized.
10) If students find some problems about library, they should contact with library.
Dress Code
Uniform decided by the college will be compulsory for all the students.
1) For Boys - Black pant and white shirt
2) For Girls - Cream brown-Top and scarf and lower (Salwar).
Students will not be allowed to enter the class room without uniform.
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